Seeking Opportunities

Stumbling blocks into stepping stones

Maha has had an interesting career. She trained as a journalist with the Herald Sun and has worked in a variety of media and PR roles, both in Australia and internationally.

“In my career, I’ve always turned stumbling blocks into stepping stones. I’ve been open to trying new things and seeking out opportunities.”

When Maha returned to Sydney, after her most recent stint working overseas for a daily newspaper in Dubai, she found herself working as a writer within a PR agency. It was a job she enjoyed… but a shift at the agency meant she was looking for work.

Getting the job

And that’s when she contacted Metro Solutions.

“I initially applied for a job that Metro Solutions was advertising. I found the process really structured. They really guided me through every step along the way. Unfortunately for that job, the client really wanted someone with a sales background so I didn’t get the role. I don’t want to be underdelivering, and neither does the agency so I completely understood.”

While Maha was unsuccessful for the first role she applied for, Melissa stayed in touch with her. Two months later, a temp job came up that Melissa knew Maha would be perfect for… and this time, Maha got the job!

Writing and research skills

“I love this job. I’m working in the online environment and it’s very cutting edge. I’m able to use my writing and research skills but I’m also learning so much. I’m committed to what I do and how hard I work, and it’s something I’m really proud of.

Not having a permanent job can be stressful and Metro Solutions have been really comforting. I’ve been honest and upfront about my goals for the future so they can help place me with something appropriate. The main thing for me is feeling supported and not having to worry.”

Transition into the role

Despite being nervous about starting her new job, Maha was completely at ease with how Metro Solutions helped her to transition into the role.

“I was nervous about starting in a new office environment and understanding the way things run, but the Metro Solutions team have helped me with every step of the process. Melissa visits regularly – it’s not a case of simply hiring someone and wishing them luck!

I can also see that Melissa is well respected here by the managers. They love that she is supporting the candidates and helping them to achieve their goals – it’s a happy balance.”

Amazing team

Maha has some experience with other recruitment agencies… but Metro Solutions is different.

“You’re not just another client – the team are amazing and understand people’s strengths. You won’t find them trying to fit square pegs into round holes.

Other agencies have told me to be more fun and show my personality but that’s just not me at work. Metro Solutions didn’t treat me like that… they respected my strengths as a person and I really value that.”

It all comes back to the Metro Solutions culture of care and finding the right person for the job, every time. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you make your next career move.


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