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Looking for a job can be a stressful and daunting process. We get that. You are putting yourself out there time and time again, often not even receiving any feedback or response.

That’s not how we operate. We care about our jobseekers every bit as much as our employers and clients.

Value human connections

Culture of care

We know that job hunting can be such an overwhelming process that leaves you vulnerable and questioning your self-worth. We also know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Behind every resume we read is a real person with a story, dreams and goals. And that’s how we hope to treat every candidate we come into contact with. We value human connections and this is what drives everything we do when it comes to candidate care. We genuinely want to find you a job that you love.

We may not be able to help every candidate, but we hope you walk away with a positive experience!

And our reputation amongst job seekers speaks for itself.

A range of industries

A range of industries

At Metro Solutions we recruit for a range of industries and role types. From administration to senior leadership roles, temporary and permanent.

We are big picture thinkers. We like to think outside the box. When we meet a candidate for a particular role, we also look at how their skills and qualifications could transfer to across other industries.

It’s our culture of care that sets us apart.


Our recruitment process

Our recruitment process

It’s our job to step you through the process of finding a job. Know that we are a team of compassionate and understanding recruitment consultants who genuinely want to help.

Our recruitment process starts with a job description. We get to know our client’s business and culture and then together we craft the perfect job ad.

Once we receive applications, we review them – always using our lens of care and understanding and then we contact the applicants most suited for the role.

At this point, we proceed to phone or face-to-face interviews along with reference and police checks as required.

The last stage in the process is for you to meet with your potential new employer for an interview.

We are there every step along the way with advice, encouragement and feedback. We won’t ever just leave you wondering why you weren’t successful.

And the best part of our role is making that phone call to tell you that you’ve got the job!


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