When it comes to recruitment, mistakes are expensive. Between wasted time and productivity in the hiring process, money down the drain in training the wrong person and then the cost of starting all over again…

…and every step in our recruitment process is designed to eliminate those mistakes.

It all starts with our first meeting where we get to know you, your business and what you are looking for in a new employee. When you combine our understanding of your business with our knowledge of talent, it’s the perfect match… literally.

Financial Reporting

Temporary and permanent placements

Our specialisation in recruitment is sourcing talent for white collar industries. We offer both temporary and permanent solutions, from junior staff to senior management, depending on your business needs.

We can take care of the whole process from writing job ads to screening resumes, conducting first round interviews and then bringing you only the cream of the crop.

Our temporary solutions allow you to fill roles without the hassle of payroll or contracts… we take care of everything.

And this is where we can save you so much time and money. Sure, you could write a job ad and place it online, but do you really know how to spot a gem in amongst a sea of hyped-up resumes? Or what to look for when screening a pool of candidates via interview?

We do.

Review and Testing of Candidate

Candidate review and testing

Candidates are more than just a resume. We have a culture of care that we follow with each and every candidate we deal with. When we take time with candidates and get to know their hopes and dreams, we are already on the front foot when it comes to your job search. It’s a smart approach… and it’s how we do business.

We review all candidates to filter out the wrong people so we can bring you the right ones.

And we don’t just leave the job search at the applicants we receive in response to a job ad. We dig deep into our existing network and beyond.

And where you require a particular skill set or profiling, we can work with you to identify any testing required and handle all the logistics, so that’s one less thing on your plate.

Culture and work environment

Workplace cultural fit

The right candidate isn’t always the one who can just get the job done. They are the one who can do the job within the culture and work environment of your business. The person who will slide into your team like they have always been there. Skills can be taught to the right person… but cultural fit, well that’s a whole other story.

Workplace cultural fit is front of mind for us right from the very beginning of your job search. When we meet with you to understand your business, we also take time to observe your work environment.

Is it fast paced and loud requiring someone who can handle working in amongst a busy and active office? Or is the team quieter, needing someone to balance their reserved natures?

Hiring for workplace culture gives your new employee the best chance at working out… and it really can do wonders for your business when you have the right, highly-skilled people working together as a team.

Flexible Workplace

Flexible workplace options

There are times in your business where you need to flex your workforce up or down depending on seasonal or project demands.

We get it… and we have a solution to help you do it.

We can turn around a short-term workforce in a very short period of time… so you can move on with running your business while we get you reliable people, when you need them.

We can manage expectations, ensure your new workers have everything they need to get the job done and partner with you to oversee planning, recruitment, management, reporting and control of the team working on your site.

What it all comes down to is that we know talent and people.

Contact us so we can partner to find the right people to help your business thrive.


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