Human Resources

Human Resources is so much more than finding the right people and making sure they get paid. Ultimately, it is about protecting your greatest asset – your people.

With a workforce that has the right skills, that is engaged in work and has the support around them to achieve to their full potential, your business will thrive.

We’ve seen it time and time again with our small business clients… they understand that people matter, but they don’t have the skills or expertise to do it themselves. That’s where we come in.

True Business partner

Tailored HR solutions

Every business has different HR requirements, so the solutions we offer are tailored to your needs.

We can act as a virtual HR department, set up your HR systems to get you off on the right foot or simply step in to assist on individual matters.

Our HR team members are all qualified HR specialists… we know our way around HR systems and processes, legislation and the complexity of managing a volatile resource – people.

It starts with us getting to know your business to identify any HR risks and gaps. Then we create a plan and get our hands dirty implementing it. Don’t think of HR as the people police… think of it as a risk minimisation strategy that will safeguard your business and realise its full potential like no other strategy ever could.

Contracts and awards

Contracts and awards

Did you know that there are more than 100 industrial awards that cover most employees in Australia? Do you know which ones you should be using in your business? You can’t simply pick one and hope for the best. Depending on the industry you are operating in and the jobs your employees do, you may have more than one award that you need to apply…

… and it’s critical that you get it right.

We know the awards framework and, most importantly, we know how to find the resources to interpret awards for your business and workforce.

Right people in your team

Induction, training and engagement

Once you’ve got the right people in your team, you need to keep them. And that starts from the very first day they start working for you.

We have created induction and training processes, tailored to your business, to capture those things needed to get your new and existing employees off on the right foot.

Grievances, WHS and compliance

Grievances, WHS and compliance

With our training and induction processes, we help you to minimise the risks in your business… but when you are dealing with people, grievances can still occur. What matters in this situation is having a plan in place to deal with the issue effectively. We can support you through what can be a very difficult process.

For WHS we can assist with on-site inspections, coaching managers on implementing policies and procedures and highlighting any risks to bring management and employees on the WHS journey.

What we offer to you and your business is a practical, HR-on-demand model that is tailored to your business and workforce needs.

Contact us to discuss how we can take your HR woes off your hands so you can focus on doing what it is that you do best.


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