The perfect fit

The Perfect fit at work

When Cherie goes to work she wants to be interested and challenged by a job that offers security and pay commensurate with her experience. Anything that takes her away from her family, garden and rescue dog, has to be worth it! While it seems a simple ask, in Cherie’s experience, finding the ‘right’ job is not that easy.

“I left the role I was in because I wanted a change from managing a team for a while. I found myself in a job which seemed great to start… but then I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore. The demands of the role were much more than I was expecting and the culture of the team wasn’t what I was looking for.”

Unhappy at work

Cherie had known Melissa for many years and had always stayed in touch.

So she picked up the phone and gave her a call for a chat about any roles she might have available.

“As soon as Melissa knew I wasn’t happy in my role, she had the feelers out for me to see if there was anything suitable. Within a few weeks, she had found me the job I have now moved into. She is very proactive and I have seen how good she is at matching candidates to jobs so I knew I was in good hands.”

Job Interview

With a diverse career background, Cherie has skills in customer service, documentation, policy & legislation, management and operations.

An interesting skillset to match to a role… but that’s exactly what Melissa did!

Melissa was able to match her to a job that had an unusual skill set requirement… as soon as she saw it, she knew Cherie ticked all the boxes. Cherie went to the job interview, and the rest is history.

Found a perfect job

“When Melissa spoke to me about the job, I knew it was for me. It has turned out to be an absolute godsend. It’s a permanent role, I love the work and it’s a really great team to work in. Melissa didn’t just place me in any job, she found the right one for me and I really value that.

The whole process was really smooth. From the interview to paperwork and starting in the role, it was all seamless.”

As is the way we do things here at Metro Solutions, the relationship with Cherie hasn’t ended because she is now in a permanent role.

Proactivity and commitment

“Melissa regularly checks in with me to see how I am going. She hasn’t forgotten about me – even if it’s every few months – she comes back to check if I am happy in my role.”

What Cherie really values about working with Metro Solutions is our proactivity and commitment to finding the right person for the job, not just any person for the job.

“The team at Metro Solutions really listen. They take time to understand your wants and needs and are really proactive about finding you a job. In my experience, other recruiters will take your resume and never contact you again. That doesn’t happen at Metro Solutions.”

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