A true business partner

True Business partner

Brian has been working at the Commodore Hotel for 25 years.

He knows the business inside and out… and that comes in handy as the Operations Manager, where he is responsible for anything and everything to do with running the hotel.

For many years, Brian had a bookkeeper working at the Commodore. She looked after accounts, filing, wages and payroll.

When she left, Brian was looking for someone to replace her when a contact told him about the Metro Solutions bookkeeping outsource solutions.

“I liked the Metro Solutions model because it offered us continuity of service. If we had an internal bookkeeper and they went on holidays or left we would be scrambling to make sure the work kept happening.

With Metro Solutions, there is always someone to do the role. If one of their team goes on holidays, it doesn’t affect my business because they still deliver the same service.”

Paper business to the cloud

It was more than five years ago that Brian brought the Metro Solutions team into the business… and he hasn’t looked back!

“When the team started with us, it was a seamless process. They actually helped to modernise our business by taking a lot of paper business to the cloud, streamlining things and making life easier in general.

Suzanne is so well versed in the hotel business… whatever we are going through, she and her team have seen it all before, so they can support us through it.”

And it’s not just the Metro Solutions payroll and bookkeeping services that Brian has used.

He has also leaned on the team for their Human Resources expertise so he can focus on what he needs to do to keep the business moving.

Always upskilling the team

“When it comes to HR and WHS (Work Health and Safety) the boundaries and legislation are constantly changing. The great thing about Metro Solutions is that they stay on top of the legislation and are always upskilling their team to be across the latest changes.

These are things we can’t afford to keep training different people in – it costs a lot and there is no guarantee they will stay in our business. It makes my job easier because I don’t have to keep up, and I can focus on running the business knowing that my HR is in safe hands.”

For Brian, the Metro Solutions team are worth their weight in gold… he can’t speak highly enough of them.

A fantastic team

“Working with Metro Solutions is a huge weight off my shoulders. Many of the team members have been there the whole time we have been working with Metro Solutions, so they really know our business.

The team really are fantastic and are always available when we need them. They are very well connected and have given us some great contacts that now work with us on things like our Workers Compensation. I recommend them to other businesses all the time.”

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